by John Radcliff

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Before I get started on my next project, there's some things I need to do to get better. Demos seemed like good practice. Feel free to share and comment!


released February 1, 2012



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John Radcliff Parkersburg, West Virginia

John Radcliff is a singer/songwriter that stumbled around for years pretending to be a lead guitarist. Thankfully, the doctors found a cure and put John on the path to recording his first full length solo cd.

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Track Name: Just Right
Got a Christmas card from Elvis. He's the cat that lives down the block. Writes his words from right to left. Hold it up to a mirror to see what you got. It's not about a holiday He just wanna say hi.

Little further down is a widow. She's been living that way for a while. Only takes out the trash when she needs to. Only says hello when I say goodbye. She built the walls too high to know if she's alive

You only know it. You only know by the lonely footsteps in the moon light. Curtains drawn. The phonograph plays on.

Ebeneezer lives in the alley. He's been looking up at the sky. He's signaling out to his leaders only hopes he can live to see them arrive. Maybe he's not really there or maybe he's just right.
Track Name: Give It Away
I'm the man in the back of the line that makes the blues okay. I'm just here passing my time but at least I get paid. No cash no credit don't want it can't get it. My time my minute I wanna give it to you.

I'm the man in the back of the bus there for every mile
I'm not really Jesus Christ but I sure do like his style
Give love and you'll get it cause your heart won't regret it. My time my minute I wanna give it to you.

Cause when everyday leads me back to this place, and every shade of blue. Rather than suffer the endless space, I'll do what I can do.

I'm the man that can see right through the haze in your way. Yeah, it's funny I can't help myself but don't let it get in the way. I'm not here to be a servant I'm just here help the hurting. My time my minute I wanna give it to you.
Track Name: Good
I've been a captive in a big blue box
I been praying to a big blue god
Cause he's always there but he never has an answer to my prayer.

Light came through air hole in the wall
Felt the warmth didn't have to crawl
Pulled me out showed me there's a world to write about

If I said too late too soon. I don't know everything. I'm glad to play this fool.
Chasing after the moon. If it makes me smile it must be good.

Who knew moving cars could be so great
Seams like such an easy price to pay.
Cause what I got from you
Fills me up chase away the blue
Track Name: Back of the Line
I don't look any different than you. A broken heart has a certain hue.
Never knew I was in it or behind the times in the back of the line
News travels from hand to hand. Just a whisper and a subtle glance. The shits so inflated by the time it gets to the back of the line.

Awwww it's not serious I'm just delirious from the same old same.
Awwww I'm just curious I know it's rude of us to blame

Nothing ever really happens here. I find the time to make it disappear.
Sometimes I'm so jaded and frustrated in the back of the line.
Track Name: Four More Years Without Political Ads
Don't want hope, don't want change. Those words are lies cause everyone's the same. On every channel until my vote is cast. Promising Everything to everyone and everyone real fast.

Facebook updates, and twitter hashtags. Mailbox full of color glossies with American flags. Politician in the front. The future is so bright. A vote for them is a vote for freedom and everything that's right.

I miss fast food commercials where everyone's is thin. Sexual defects cured with a pill. Fancy commercials selling the latest fads. I want four more years without political ads.